Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Disinfect Your Earrings

It is a fact that nothing can give you such elegant and stylish look than a pair of nice earrings. However, every piece of jewelry have to be well maintained as well. Depending on the material earring are made of they require different, specific care. Fortunately, you can restore their bright look without spending hundreds of pounds on a professional jewelry services. Moreover, you can choose from several cleaning options. All of them are cheap, but still very effective. For example, you can simply boil water and bleach solutions to clean and sterilize your items. Vinegar is also an excellent and natural cleaner that has antibacterial properties and is safe to treat any earrings and other type of jewelry with it.

In order to facilitate you in managing such chore cleaners Tottenham provide the following tips on how to properly disinfect your earrings:

To begin take your bottle of white distilled vinegar and pour enough amount of it to fill one glass dish. In case your earrings are small you may use less of the vinegar. The exact amount you should use have to be enough to fully cover the jewelry with the liquid substance.

Submerge your item into the vinegar in a way that it will be completely moistened.

Leave it to to soak in the vinegar. Usually, five up to ten minutes will be sufficient.

Then take the earrings out and swill them studiously.

As a final effort you may take a soft clean cloth and just wipe the jewelry surface in order to make them look even brighter.

Cleaners Tottenham wish you perfect cleaning results!


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